New Voices FAQ

  1. Can you clarify what a “Brief Synopsis” is?
    It should be one brief paragraph that summarizes the pilot story.
  2. Do you accept international entries?
  3. Someone recommended me. Do I still need to apply through the website?
  4. Do I need a letter of recommendation?
  5. Are there any formatting guidelines I should know about?
    Letter of Interest: 1 page, double-spaced
    Bio: 1 page, double-spaced
    Work Resume: No more than 2 pages
  6. Is the resume only supposed to include writing-related experience?
    No—all work experience, including writing.
  7. What time is the deadline?
    The portal closes at 11:59 p.m. (PST) on March 10th, 2017.
  8. May I submit a one-person play as the one act sample?
  9. May I submit a feature script?
  10. Should I include a Bio and Work Resume for myself, or should I also include those items for my writing partner?
    Both partners should submit separate Bios, Work Resumes, and Letters of Interest.
  11. Can I have an extension?
  12. Do I need to be concerned about language or sexual content in my script?
  13. Does HUMANITAS own the scripts we submit?