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A signature HUMANITAS story challenges us to use our freedom to grow and develop, confronts us with our individual responsibility and examines the consequences of our choices. The winners receive both a trophy and a cash award. The total annual amount of the awards is $110,000 and is divided up into the following nine categories:

  • Feature: $10,000
  • 60 Minute Category: $10,000
  • 30 Minute Category: $10,000
  • Children’s Live Action: $10,000
  • Children’s Animation: $10,000
  • Sundance Feature Film: $10,000
  • Documentary: $10,000
  • The Angell Comedy Fellowship: $20,000
  • The Carol Mendelsohn Drama Fellowship: $20,000

How is the HUMANITAS Prize funded?

The HUMANITAS Prize is funded by an endowment established through the generosity of individuals, networks, studios and foundations.

How does one qualify?

1. To submit, there is no entry fee or limit to the number of submissions.

2. To qualify, a teleplay must have been written and produced in the English language for U.S. Television (Broadcast, Cable, Internet and Satellite.)

3. Program must have had a national release on Television (Broadcast, Cable, Internet and Satellite.)

4. A screenplay for a feature film becomes eligible in the year in which it receives a U.S. theatrical release.

5. The teleplay or film must be aired or released within the calendar year.


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